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Business Development

Secure Parking's innovative team that is present to penetrate the parking business market with partnership and relationship as its philosophy.


Our frontline team delivers first impressions to parking service users in order to experience comfort, friendliness and convenience.

Information & Techonology

We are supported by a research team of graduates from the best university in Indonesia who are always developing the latest technology according to the needs and developments of the times.

Human Resources

Continue to educate and employ human resources through a measured and independent recruitment process with the target of producing quality human resources who have high competence by sticking to our slogan.

Finance & Accounting

This division ensures that all records relating to company finances are correct, accurate, and timely so that the trust of the "client" can be accounted for including all Secure Parking Indonesia stakeholders.

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Secure Parking Product

The parking tool products that we use are the best and are used all over the world.

Boomgate Types

Magnetic access pro, GS001

System Types

Epsilon & SPS Fleg

Ticket Dispenser Types

Dispenser q3 fleg, Dispenser epsilon

About Us

Secure Parking is a parking service company that has been present in Indonesia since October 1992, which began with getting the trust to manage a vacant plot of land in Central Jakarta.


When discussing the parking business at that time, it was synonymous to exertion, gangsterism, minimal service and with no clear accountability. For this reason, Secure Parking comes to Indonesia with the determination to create a parking business into a professionally managed business sector that has professional quality human resources, while using technology that is always adapted through changes in time, transparent financial accountability and prioritizes excellent service to Secure Parking service users.

Secure Parking System

The future system of parking in Indonesia


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