Business Development is the innovative team of Secure Parking that is present to penetrate the parking business market with the partnership and relationship as the philosophy. Secure Parking will understand the wants and needs of prospective clients first so that it can be tailored accordingly. Providing comprehensive parking services starting as an “adviser”, parking lot design including aesthetics, traffic lane analysis, communicative and easy-to-understand sign placement, qualified human resources, parking systems that suit the needs, current developments and credible financial control.


With a firmly held commitment and challenges to constantly develop ourselves, conducting early detection, and maintaining excellent service quality, Secure Parking has utilized ISO 9001: 2015 into a tool to measure it all. Accordingly, we hope to keep earning our existing and prospective client’s trusts in the future.


Our frontline team delivers first impressions to parking service users in order to experience comfort, friendliness and convenience, ensuring smooth traffic and security in the parking lot to realize customer satisfaction. We have also used qualified human resources who have passed the rigorous selection process and training programs.


In addition, our operational team maintains relationships and communication with our “clients” or building owners daily to ensure the trust given can be carried out properly so that it can quickly resolve issues should they arise. The working environment of each area is also taken into consideration to create a conducive place for all.


We are supported by a research team of graduates from the best university in Indonesia who are always developing the latest technology according to the needs and developments of the times. All features are also adjusted to the dynamic market needs with the input from all parties.


In addition to the developments, we also have a solid team where their function and task is to provide support to all locations to ensure that the parking system is running smoothly. This is to minimize the complaints from clients and the public who use parking services.


Our IT team is available 24 hours every day to support the operational team to ensure that any arising problems can be resolved or minimized as soon as possible.


Continue to educate and employ human resources through a measured and independent recruitment process with the target of producing quality human resources who have high competence by sticking to our slogan, which is to consistently continue to carry out smiles, greetings, being polite, courteous and friendly, and always tidy in appearance while providing services to the public. We also continuously prioritize the quality of service values through proactive behavior/attitude, upholding honesty, and developing creativity.


To achieve the above objective, we conduct rigorous training for existing human resources periodically, conducting “i” training to improve managerial skills according to positions, cooperating with certain training institutions, and creating future leaders as company regeneration through the Management Trainee (MT) program. Until now, hundreds of MT have been produced and have worked in locations managed by Secure Parking Indonesia. We also have a training room that serves to ensure the skills of these human resources are ready to be utilized and to discuss their capability and skills with their trainees or new recruits.


The audit is one of the divisions that have the function of checking all of the company’s operational activities to ensure all records starting from parking revenue, reports made, and discipline of operations in the field are running properly. It also aims to detect as early as possible all activities that will lead to potential errors that will result in losses to the company.


In conducting the above activities, the audit team is supported by a sophisticated system and qualified human resources.


This division ensures that all records relating to company finances are correct, accurate, and timely so that the trust of the “client” can be accounted for including all Secure Parking Indonesia stakeholders. In conducting the function, this division is supported by a sophisticated system and experienced human resources in their fields.

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    Sensor Light
    CCTV Camera / LPR
    Barrier Parking Gate

    Gate Feature

    Epsilon Automatic Gate Has 4 Operation Features

    • Mobile QR Code

    • Membership smartcard

    • Chip-based prepaid card

    • Ticket Button

    Receipt Button (only at exit gates) to allow optional receipt printing, Equipped with LED display screen to provide comprehensive transaction information.

    Parking System

    Secure Parking System

    The future system of parking in Indonesia


    ISO 9001 2015

    ISO 9001 2015 Certification is an international standard for Quality Management System Certification, also known as Quality Management System Certification. It specifies requirements, guidelines, and recommendations for the design and assessment of a Quality Management Certification. The purpose of this certification is to ensure that the products or services produced by our company meet the requirements set by the world standards organization, ISO. When our company has successfully passed the audit and obtained ISO 9001 2015, it means that we have met various requirements that have been set internationally. This can fulfill specific consumer needs, namely where we guarantee the quality of our parking products.